About Phoenix ...

Phoenix is a creative chef with a huge range of experience including:

  • Pop-up restaurant nights

  • Volunteering with Refugee Community Kitchen, cooking for hundreds of people living in Calais

  • Cooking in well-known plant-based cafes, hotels, such as the lovely Green Kitchen in Brighton.

  • Catering events such as yoga retreats

  • Inventive catering using up food that would otherwise go to waste

  • Custom cakes

  • Handmade chocolates

  • Market stalls and festival food stalls

  • Teaching people how to cook

Phoenix loves getting involved with the community, collaborating with other local makers, and supporting great causes.

Phoenix enjoys playing board games, sending love parcels, and sharing hugs.  

Phoenix identifies as non-binary and uses “they” and “them” pronouns. 

Italian bean stew for 2,000!
Hanover Little Free Library